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30 Things You Didn't Know About OTT

Office & Staff

The Tech Shack
tech shack
  • 1462 Clifton Rd., Room 302 (Dental School)
  • 2009 Ridgewood Drive, ("Tech Shack")
  • 1784 North Decatur Rd., Suite 130 (North Decatur Building)
  • 1599 Clifton Road, 4th Floor (former American Cancer Society building)
11 staff: Winsome Dunn, Laura Fritts, David Giannantonio, Elena Goldyn, Jim Heitner, Susanne Hollinger, Debra Jackson, Cale Lennon, Lisa Matragrano, Cliff Michaels, Panya Taysavang, and Shannon Walker.
Connie Newsome, 19 years
100 students
55 staff
A River Otter (OTTer)
Ring a marine bell and clap


Sketch from a Disclosure
Disclosure Sketch
  • "Handy Chart" a system of common hand gestures in different orientations that allow non-verbal children, the hearing impaired, and non-English-speaking population to be visually screened; Amy Hutchinson, MD, Kristin Hutchinson, MD & Caroline Cromelin
  • "ItchyQol" a quantitative measure of disease burden in pruritus patients, measuring a patient???s response to therapy for itchy skin condition; Suephy Chen, MD
  • "Brachi-straps" support and stabilize the arms of patients with neurological disorders during procedures which require the patient to keep their upper body motionless for long durations of time; Willene Morris
  • "Did You Catch the Flu? No, I MIST It!" is the slogan used during the influenza vaccination uptake study with rural adolescents, led by Emory researchers in Behavioral Science and Health Education; Julia Painer, PhD & Jessica Sales, PhD
  • "Primate Door" is a hydraulically activated door for large primate caging that extends control to both the primate and the human caretakers/experimenters; Michael Byas-Smith, MD, Duane Rumbaugh, PhD, Emily Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, PhD, & Samuel Smith
14 contributors on a software disclosure in FY03


Patent Drawing
Patent Drawing
471 (source: USPTO website)
South Africa in 1993 for a pharmaceutical compound
91 countries


  • Shortest: 29 days for a medical device with the next being 65 days for a non-exclusive research tool
  • Longest: 5,899 days for a start-up and the next is 5,145 days for a medical device
iThemba located in Gauteng, South Africa, Atlanta to Gauteng is 8,430 miles
Cryptome Pharmaceuticals, LTD located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Atlanta to Melbourne is 9,682 miles
  • 44 licenses for research tool Immortalized Human Microvasculature Endothelial Cell Line from Emory inventor Thomas Lawley, MD
  • 25 times for research tool Serotonin Transporter cDNA and Cell Line from former Emory inventor Randy Blakely, PhD
  • 25 times for research tool Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor m2 Antibody from Emory inventor Craig Heilmanand former Emory inventor Allan Levey, PhD
OTT at BIO International
  • Anti-microbials: 5; DurBan, Microbe Guard, AuProvise, NBS Technology, Phoenix Group
  • Clearglide: 3; Ethicon, Datascope, Sorin
  • OBI-1: 3; Octagen, Ipsen, Baxter
  • Exclusive licensees: Emory start-ups Pharmasset with 7 and NeurOp with 6
  • Non-exclusive licensees: EMD Millipore with 37 and Active Motif with 11
$5.84 from EMD Millipore for a research tool
7,024 material transfer agreements
  • Exclusive & Non-exclusive licensees: 29
  • All agreement types : 54
  • Exclusive & Non-exclusive licensees: 35
  • All agreement types : 49; the one missing state is Alaska
  • Exclusive & Non-exclusive licensees: 206
  • All agreement types : 916


FTC (emtricitabine, sold alone as Emtriva, with the "Em" standing for Emory)