Marketing Program

The marketing of individual technologies is playing an increasingly critical role in moving technology from the bench to the bedside. OTT has initiated a multipronged approach to increase our reach within the biotech and life sciences communities. New communication channels have been opened up, expanding into the social media realm; a new technology marketing program has been added, managed by a dedicated marketing associate; the office has tripled the number of venture capital and company visits; and a new conference strategy has been implemented, sending our staff members out to the leading industry conferences with the intent of making connections and building the reputation of Emory as a preferred partner with which to work.

You can also see what the office has been up to lately in the marketing section of our blog site.

Tech Brief
Short non-confidential summary; Posted to website and technology exchanges
Catalogs & Bundles
Groupings of like technologies packaged together
Tech brief plus additional materials (cover letter, publications, etc.); Sent out en masse to selected companies working in relevant field
Particularly useful for demonstrations
Featured Innovations
Technology featured monthly on website

Web Based

OTT Website
Searchable technology listings
Tech Exchanges
AUTM GTP, Collective IP, Flintbox, iBridge Network, Sparkup Inc., Technology Transfer Online, Trans-Hit Biomarkers
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog site


Breakfast Club
2-3 times/year; 4-5 technologies/meeting; Local entrepreneurs and business development professionals; find more info on our website here
Trade Shows
Spreads word of their innovation through publications and presentations
Licensing Associates
Targeted marketing – small number of well-vetted contacts; Breakfast Club, trade shows and meetings
Marketing Associate
Shotgun marketing – large number of general targets; Creates and launches marketing campaigns; Administers social media presence and technology exchanges
General market research; Tech brief writing
Executive Director & Directors
Promotes technologies at trade shows, meetings and with VCs