Alzheimer's Test

Zola, S; Buffalo, E; Manzanares, C; Agichtein, E; Lagun, D

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive dementia that affects over 5 million people in the US alone, and by some estimates costs well in excess of $200 billion. Early diagnosis of the disease is exceedingly complicated, as the gold standard diagnostic requires brain biopsies and symptoms of the disease in the early stages mimic those of many other dementias. Treatments to reduce or delay the symptoms of the disease exist, however these are only effective when the disease is identified in its earliest stages. Emory researchers have developed a test that can identify individuals who are likely to develop Alzheimer’s years before true behavioral symptoms occur, and can differentiate Alzheimer’s from other common dementias that exhibit similar symptoms. The test is a non-invasive, computer guided assessment of individual recognition memory, which allows identification of the appropriate subjects. The company is initially developing the test for use during clinical trials for new treatments.