Transapical Access Device

Vassiliades, JR, T

Apica developed a transapical access port device to allow improved access and closure for procedures requiring delivery of therapeutic devices to the heart. The device makes the delivery of such devices more routine for all surgeons and expands the use of surgical techniques that are less invasive and do not require stopping the heart. The device consists of a conduit that can be securely attached to the beating heart, allowing surgeons to deliver devices such as heart valves or left ventricular assist devices into the beating heart without loss of blood or exposure to air. Once a therapeutic device has been delivered and surgery is complete, the company's system closes and seals the access site with a biocompatible implant.

Apica received CE Mark approval for its ACSTM system in 2013.

Thoratec Corp. aquired Apica Cardiovascular in July of 2014.