Jones, D

Glutathione is found in many fresh vegetables, meats, fish and vitamins and Emory researchers recognized that this naturally occurring antioxidant was effective in prevention of influenza. However, glutathione is readily degraded during digestion and only slowly absorbed, therefore the levels of glutathione present in most individuals are insufficient to ward of viral attack. This technology was initially licensed to an Emory startup and then sublicensed to Insight Pharmaceuticals, which launched Sucrets Defense with Glutathione in late 2006. Sucrets Defense with glutathione was a dietary supplement to help boost and maintain the immune system. Insight developed Sucrets Defense utilizing the Sucrets lozenge technology. According to the company, by dissolving the Defense lozenge in the mouth, glutathione is absorbed directly into the cells of the mouth and throat, thereby increasing the levels of glutathione at the sites that form the first line of defense against airborne assailants.