The HIV drugs 3TC & FTC have transformed the lives of patients from a death sentence to a managed chronic illness. These are some of those stories.
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is transforming the everyday lives of patients with treatment resistant depression. This is one of those stories.
The Emory Cardiac Toolbox™ (ECTb™), is a package of software tools used in roughly 40% of all nuclear labs in the U.S. assisting in evaluating patients.

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Taking on the Challenge of Alzheimer’s Disease

Keqiang Ye, PhD

In a normally functioning body, AEPs are in various locations, playing an important role in chopping up proteins. In Alzheimer's AEP’s are seen going rogue. After identifying the AEP enzyme as an overarching culprit Ye’s team produced a drug that binds to AEPs and prevents them from attacking beneficial proteins.

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