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Finding New Purposes for Established or Abandoned Therapeutics

David Rye, MD, PhD; Andrew Jenkins; Christian Larsen, MD, PhD; Rafi Ahmed, PhD; Kerry Ressler, MD, PhD; Raül Andero Galí; Brian Dias; Donald Stein, PhD; Iqbal Sayeed, PhD; and Jeff Sands, MD

It's a wonder new medications are ever developed at all. Taking a new drug from promising molecule to marketable product can cost upwards of a billion dollars and take a decade or more to move from clinical trials to approval. Oh, and the overall failure rate hovers near 95%.

Not surprisingly, the drug industry has become interested in repurposing drugs, which involves testing a medication for a therapeutic use different from its original intended use. These can be drugs already on the market, or those that didn’t pan out for their original intended use.

Emory's OTT already has several repurposed drug candidates in development to treat conditions from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to hypersomnia to ischemic stroke.

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