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From the Director

Welcome! We hope you find our website filled with useful information that’s easy to find.

It is our role in the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) to both manage the intellectual property rights of the University and to oversee industry contracts and provide a single point of contact for industry.

There are hundreds of innovations received from Emory’s world-renowned faculty that we shepherd them from the lab bench into the hands of a commercial partner.

As a single point of contact for industry OTT is responsible for negotiating industry clinical trial agreements, research agreements, and confidentiality agreements. This better aligns industry contract negotiations, both clinical and non-clinical, with OTT’s focused outreach to companies looking to partner with Emory. If you want to learn more or are interested in partnering with Emory please reach out to us - we're happy to help.

Emory’s OTT is a hub of activity around research, innovation, and feeding a world class product pipeline. Our activities include technology scouting; commercial evaluation of new inventions; intellectual property protection; marketing; license negotiation (both clinical and non-clinical); licensing disputes; providing a single point of contact for industry; negotiating research, confidentiality, and material transfer agreements; start-up support; and education. We’re a conduit for public and private partnerships, researchers and investors, industry and academy. This is a space where bold ideas become reality. Technology transfer is the ultimate team sport – one where when the game is played well, everybody wins. Join us!

You can also find me talking about hot topics in the From the Director series on our blog site.

Todd Sherer, PhD, CLP, RTTP
Executive Director

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Mission Statement

We support the University's mission through comprehensive management of Emory innovations to maximize the benefit to the University and to humanity.

The Office is Committed to:

  • Collaborating with researchers and industry to build and nurture partnerships that will move ideas from the lab to the marketplace.
  • Creatively negotiating with industry partners, on clinical and non-clinical agreements, and securing terms that are fair and equitable.
  • Working with researchers to acquire the knowledge, expertise, and resources to navigate the complexities of protecting intellectual property and securing commercial licensing opportunities.
  • Developing commercialization strategies that benefit both Emory and our industry partners while maximizing benefit to the public.
  • Diligently managing commercial license agreements to ensure that licensees honor their terms and obligations.

Services Offered

  • Educate researchers about intellectual property and technology transfer.
  • Scout for research results with potential intellectual property for disclosure.
  • Evaluate research disclosures for commercial viability.
  • Provide a single point of contact with industry for collaboration and sponsored research.
  • Protect intellectual property and administer the process used (e.g., patent, trademark, copyright).
  • Market intellectual property.
  • Negotiate license arrangements for intellectual property.
  • Negotiate both clinical and non-clinical agreements with industry partners.
  • Monitor existing commercial licenses for compliance with terms including financial terms.
  • Collect and distribute all funds associated with licenses according to internal policies.
  • Comply with Federal or research sponsor guidelines for intellectual property.
  • Administer the transfer (in or out) of research materials.
  • Facilitate the development of start-up companies based on Emory intellectual property.

To learn more about technology transfer, the process, and the issues we face. Our professional association, AUTM, created a terrific video with an overview of our work. To see a helpful infographic about the technology transfer process go to this website.

To learn more about advocacy and public policy affecting technology transfer review the AUTM website here.