It is our role in the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) to both manage the intellectual property rights of the University. There are hundreds of innovations received from Emory's world-renowned faculty that we shepherd them from the lab bench into the hands of a commercial partner.

Emory's OTT is a hub of activity around research, innovation, and feeding a world class product pipeline. Our activities include technology scouting; commercial evaluation of new inventions; intellectual property protection; marketing; license negotiation (both clinical and non-clinical); licensing disputes; providing a single point of contact for industry; negotiating research, confidentiality, and material transfer agreements; start-up support; and education. We're a conduit for public and private partnerships, researchers and investors, industry and academy. This is a space where bold ideas become reality. Technology transfer is the ultimate team sport – one where when the game is played well, everybody wins. Join us!

You can also find me talking about hot topics in the From the Director series on our blog site.

Todd Sherer, PhD, CLP, RTTP
Executive Director