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1Unit, LLC

Address: 1579 Monroe Dr, NE, Suite F506, Atlanta, GA 30324
1Unit Website

CEO: Jason Stein

Current Status: 1Unit's ACU® care model program has been adopted and implemented at hospitals on 3 continents, 5 countries, 20 US states, and 2 Canadian states.

Company Profile: 1Unit's flagship program is the Accountable Care Unit care model (ACU® care model), featuring Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds). Accountable Care Units are defined as geographic care areas consistently responsible for the clinical, cost, and satisfaction outcomes they produce. Organizing care teams by units creates predictability, cohesiveness, and better communication. At its core, the ACU is about bringing people together; to work together, to collaborate together, to care together. A major constraint in hospitals is the persistence of underperforming frontline clinical care teams. Hospital physicians and nurses have never been trained to coordinate efficiently and effectively with the patient and each other at the bedside. It's time for a change! With 1Unit's SIBR rounds, care teams come together working collaboratively with patients at the bedside, sharing critical-thinking based on new data points, cross-checking information accuracy, proactively identifying deviations from the expected course and making adjustments in real-time through a developed, shared and cohesive plan designed to best meet the patient's needs. With 1Unit's services, hospitals can offer the practice-based training and real-time feedback physicians, nurses, allied health and leaders need to ensure staff become experts and remain experts in SIBR rounds.

Affiliation with Emory: Jason Stein MD (Hospital Medicine) is the founder and CEO of 1Unit.

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AngioCloud LLC

Address: 1175 Peachtree Street, 10th Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30361
AngioCloud Website

CEO: James Lewis

Current Status: FDA clearance pending

Company Profile: AngioCloud is a HIPAA-secured vascular imaging and care collaboration platform. The web and mobile-enabled software is used by surgeons and medical device representatives to access, evaluate, share, and collaborate on 3D vascular cases to support diagnosis, pre-surgical planning, medical device selection, and e-clinical trial administration. Currently, interventional neuro-interventionalists, vascular surgeons, and medical device representatives are constrained to the hospital workstation when they try to view and analyze 3D images as well as plan for procedures involving the precise sizing, placement, and deployment of medical devices. AngioCloud will be the first to offer immediate 3D image sharing and collaboration and will revolutionize e-consults, pre-surgical planning, and clinical decision support for neurovascular physicians. AngioCloud's technology development has been funded by Emory OTT Proof-of-Concept Fund, the Georgia Research Alliance, the Coulter Translational Research Partnership, and the company's equity capital raised from founders and friends.

Affiliation with Emory: The underlying technology licensed to AngioCloud was developed by Alessandro Veneziani, PhD and Leandro Gryngarten, PhD (Emory College of Arts and Sciences/Math & Computer Science), Marina Piccinelli, PhD and Frank Tong, MD (School of Medicine/Radiology & Imaging Sciences). Dr. Frank Tong is the scientific founder of the company.

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Behavioral Science Technologies, LLC

Address: 1194 Oxford Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

President & CEO: George Cavagnaro

Current Status: Behavioral Science Technologies, LLC is developing content and web-based modules and for sexual assault prevention.

Company Profile: Behavioral Science Technologies, LLC is developing web-based modules to reduce sexual assault by promoting healthy views of sexuality, increasing the role of passive bystanders, and focusing on pre-emptive education of college-aged students. These modules include distinct programs for male and female students. The company's product development has been funded by federal small business grants and the Georgia Research Alliance.

Affiliation with Emory: Laura Salazar, PhD (formerly of Emory's School of Public Health) is the scientific founder of Behavioral Science Technologies, LLC.

Best Method For Me, LLC

President: John Stanley

Current Status: Company has launched the Best Method for Me website.

Company Profile: Best Method for ME offers a web-based module designed to assist a woman with choosing a contraceptive method that best suits her lifestyle, health conditions and family planning needs. The strategic goal of the company is to make the program widely available to women, to reduce the unintended pregnancy rate and to increase effective contraceptive use.

Affiliation with Emory: Robert Hatcher MD, Emory Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, laid the groundwork for this endeavor by developing a set of questions for the optimal selection of a contraceptive method.

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Campus Bubble, LLC

Current Status: The company assets were sold.

Current Profile: Founded in 2012, Campus Bubble enables universities and other educational organizations to manage and optimize student lifetime value from orientation to graduation. The Campus Bubble social technology platform powers private, secure online communities – Bubbles - that facilitate increased student collaboration and engagement while offering administrators and their staff full administrative control. Developed with the twin goals of security and superior user experience, Bubbles ensure that important communications from university administrators as well as events programming and resources reach the right audience at the right time.

Affiliation with Emory: Campus Bubble, LLC was founded by four Emory College students, Ian McCall, Nir Levy, Giovanni Hobbins and Pat Shea . Emory licensed its trademark to the Emory Bubble, LLC, the Emory version of Campus Bubble, LLC.

Covanos, Inc.

Address: 7935 Fawndale Way, Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Covanos Website

CEO: Russell Medford

Current Status: Covanos is developing a prototype version of the software platform.

Company Profile: There are critical unmet needs for fast, accurate, noninvasive, point of care methods to evaluate patients with symptoms of coronary artery disease (CAD). Covanos' technology, C-HEART, will compute clinically important functional measures of coronary artery flow, including fractional flow reserve (FFR) and instantaneous wave free ratio (iFR), using CT images of the heart and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in less than 30 minutes, opening large new markets for evaluating chest pain in emergency departments and for broad population screening for CAD, in addition to traditional markets of evaluating stable angina in outpatient settings. Covanos' product development has been funded by the Georgia Research Alliance, the Coulter Translation Partnership, and the Emory OTT POC Fund.

Affiliation with Emory: Habib Samady, MD (Medicine-Cardiology) and Alessandro Veneziani, PhD (Mathematics) are scientific co-founders of Covanos.

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DiaSyst, LLC

Address: 1060 Blackwood Ct., Suwanee, Georgia 30024
DiaSyst Website

President and CEO: Chun Yong

Current Status: DiaSyst has software products in clinical validation testing.

Current Profile: DiaSyst, Inc. is developing a novel clinical decision support platform for type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a problem because it is hard to control. DiaSyst will improve control by obtaining critical information from patients needed to guide care, and helping providers use the information to make the right treatment decisions for each patient. The company's cloud based website and smartphone apps are designed to assist both patients and healthcare providers by collecting relevant patient data, analyze them and help healthcare providers to deliver care quickly, safely, effectively, and economically. DiaSyst's product development has been funded by the Georgia Research Alliance.

Affiliation with Emory: Lawrence Phillips, MD (Medicine/Endocrinology) is the scientific founder of DiaSyst.

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Current Status: This company is no longer in business.

Company Profile: EckWare to established to commercialize echocardiography and cardiac catheterization laboratory software and heart failure and transplant software.

Affiliation to Emory: In 200 EckWare was established by Emory's Larry Klein, MD.

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Fuzayo, LLC

President: Gary Bernstein

Current Status: Fuzayo no longer has a license to Emory technology.

Company Profile: Fuzayo is a for-profit, Georgia company that provides a superior, web-based community consisting of two components a) online business-related education to medical students and residents in preparation for their career after graduation and b) an interactive message board and other social networking functionality to medical professionals and services providers such as financial advisors, accountants, lawyers, estate planners and insurance agents.

Affiliation with Emory: Some of the educational content Fuzayo is developing was created by founder Gary Bernstein, MD, who previously instructed medical students at Emory.

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Inquus Corp.

Address: 1769 Meadowdale Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

CEO: Phil Hill

Current Status: Inquus currently provides a studying platform that connects learners via the internet to facilitate social and collaborative learning.

Company Profile: Founded in 2007, Inquus operates, which is a public learning portal targeted for high school and college students. Using a social network interface, Inquus hopes to engage students in a competitive and cooperative learning atmosphere.

Affiliation with Emory: A co-founder of Inquus is Emory's Associate Dean for Pre-Health and Science Education, Preetha Ram, PhD.

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Keystrike, Inc.

Address: 8 The Green, Dover DE
Keystrike Website

CEO: Valdimar Oskarsson

Current Status: Software running at multiple pilot customers.

Company Profile: Keystrike offers chief information security officers (CISOs) relief from account hijacking, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) bypass, by providing end-to-end integrity between the employee’s physical computer and company systems. Keystrike ensures that any command made by the employee is issued on their physical machine, even if their computer has been hacked, preventing the hacker from pivoting further into the organization. In effect, Keystrike provides seamless two-factor authentication for everything you type.

Affiliation with Emory: The underlying technology was developed at Emory by Ymir Vigfusson, PhD (Emory ECAS: Computer Science).

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MIDA Medical Technologies

Address: 309 Conch Pointe Road, Cayman Islands

Director: Daniel S. Smith

Current Status: MIDA Medical is developing an assistive/monitoring mobile app for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. The app will be released on both Android and iOS platforms with an eventual physician interface.

Company Profile: MIDA Medical Technologies is a medical software development company that currently focuses on portable pulmonary rehabilitation technologies for patients with COPD. The company's technology allows users to get a sense for whether or not they have COPD by using their phone at home before visiting a specialized clinic and performing advanced medical tests. The mobile application will be adapted to an individual's baseline breathing to help users adjust and promote normal lung function.

Affiliation with Emory: Weihua Zhang, PhD (School of Nursing) is the scientific founder of MIDA Medical Technologies.

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Address: 4200 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23221
Neurotrack Website

CEO: Eli Kaplan

Current Status: Neurotrack is currently completing the software development.

Company Profile: Neurotrack is an early stage company developing hardware and software based memory recognition testing products and behavioral assessment tools for identifying risk for oncoming Alzheimer's disease and/or mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in individuals well in advance of clinical diagnoses. This early prognosis would enable patients to receive therapeutic interventions at a time when the central nervous system is potentially more receptive to treatment. The product lines being developed can be used in the physician's office as well as at home with the web-based diagnostic software and machine learning techniques providing world-wide access. Neurotrack's startup activities have been funded by the Georgia Research Alliance VentureLab seed grant program.

Affiliation with Emory: Yerkes researchers Stuart Zola, PhD, Elizabeth Buffalo, PhD and Cecelia Manzanares, worked on the hardware based opportunities. These have been complemented by a collaboration with Emory College researcher Eugene Agichtein PhD that led to the development of the web-based Visual Paired Comparison test (VPC-W) which was licensed to Neurotrack.

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Savvy Systems, LLC

Address: 8800 West Highway 7, Suite 331, St. Louis Park, MN 55426

CEO: John V. Hobday

Current Status: Validation and marketing

Company Profile: Savvy Systems is developing family caregiver solutions for Alzheimer's, dementia and other patients. Community-based care of persons living with Alzheimer's disease (PLWA) rests on family caregivers. However, family members are typically not trained to undertake the caregiving role that requires the skills of nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and other professionals. Savvy Systems' online psychoeducation program provides a virtual in-person psychoeducation through simple-to-use distance means to small group of caregivers in their own homes. The program involves seven weekly group videoconferences, interspersed with daily asynchronously available video lessons. Pilot results demonstrate the program's preliminary efficacy for significantly lowering caregiver distress, enhancing caregiving mastery, and reducing distressing behaviors in PLWA.

Affiliation with Emory: Drs. Kenneth Hepburn and Carolyn Clevenger (School of Nursing), and Patricia Griffiths (School of Medicine/Geriatrics) made significant contributions to the development of Savvy Systems' online training materials.

Simatra Modeling Technologies, LLC

Address: 75 5th St. NW, Suite 214, Atlanta, GA 30308

Founder: Michael Sorensen

Current Status: Simatra no longer has a license to Emory technologies.

Company Profile: Simatra Modeling Technologies was a company providing high-performance computing software for numerical simulations at a significantly lower cost than the programming overhead of traditional high-performance systems. The company was founded in February 2006 by a group of researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Emory and Georgia Tech.

Simatra was the recipient of more than $1.7 million in small business innovation research (SBIR) grants from the US National Institutes of Health during the course of the company's life. That money was used to develop its compiler technology for applications in bioscience and medical research. The core technology developed through this research provided a platform to develop innovative solutions not only for the biosciences, but also finance, climatology and computer-aided engineering. Unfortunately, due a combination of factors, Simatra was wound down in 2011.

Affiliation with Emory: A group of researchers from Emory's Department of Biomedical Engineering helped found Simatra Modeling Technologies. Eileen Adams, an Intellectual Property Consultant at Simatra Modeling Technologies, was a graduate of the Emory's School of Law.

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ThinkGenetic, Inc.

Address: 328 Old Lancaster Road, Sudbury, MA 01776
ThinkGenetic Website

President: Len Barker

Current Status: ThinkGenetic, Inc.'s web-based platform is online and in use.

Company Profile: ThinkGenetic, Inc. is a web-based company designed to be an information source on inherited genetic diseases for the general public. The platform is driven by IBM's Watson and uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to address user questions. The technology is a cutting-edge tool empowering patients who want to know about possible genetic causes for their medical issues or obtain real-life answers to their questions about the impact of living with a genetic disease.

Affiliation with Emory: Dawn Laney, MS (Human Genetics) is the scientific founder of Think Genetic, Inc.

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Velocity Medical Solutions, LLC

Varian Medical Solutions Website

Former President: Richard DiMonda

Current Status: Velocity Medical Solutions was purchased by Varian Medical Solutions in March of 2014.

Company Profile: Varian Medical Solutions specialized software platform for data-driven clinical decision making in cancer centers.

Velocity's software for oncologists has the goal of improving cancer treatment outcomes. The company's technology uses better imaging tools that allow physicians to be at the forefront of implementing novel cancer therapies. VelocityAI is the core of a suite of oncology-focused products combining multi-modality image management and advanced visualization to facilitate oncology or other clinical specialty workflow.

Velocity also makes the radiotherapy treatment process more efficient by designing software specifically for physicians. In just a few years, Velocity has gained recognition as a provider of innovative, software-driven solutions that enable the clinical use of molecular imaging for the assessment of therapeutic targets.

Velocity Medical was a privately held, Atlanta-based company founded in 2005 by a team of seasoned oncology professionals with expertise in clinical outcomes, radiation treatment planning and software development for oncology.

Affiliation to Emory: Velocity was founded by a group of colleagues in Emory School of Medicine. Tim Fox, MD, is a board-certified in medical physics and an associate professor of radiation oncology. Fox has since left Emory and joined Varian Medical Solutions. Ian Crocker, MD is a board-certified oncologist and professor of radiation oncology and Paul Pantalone is a senior computational imaging scientist.

Virtually Better, Inc.

Address: 440 Lawrenceville Highway, Suite 200, Decatur, GA 30033
Virtually Better

President and CEO: Walter Greenleaf

Current Status: Virtually Better has developed numerous virtual reality treatments that are currently in use.

Company Profile: Virtually Better creates virtual reality environments for the treatment of anxiety disorders such as fear of public speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A team of licensed clinical psychologists staffs its on-site clinics that use cognitive-behavioral techniques, including virtual reality exposure therapy, to treat various disorders in both adults and children.

Virtually Better uses virtually reality treatment, which consists of simulated environments, designed to treat various disorders. Patients are exposed to these virtual environments containing the feared situation rather than taking the patient into the actual environment or having the patient imagine the stimulus.

Today the company collaborates with the National Institutes of Health and major research universities. This allows Virtually Better to expand its growth into other areas such as speech pathology, addiction, pain distraction and other immersive environments.

Affiliation with Emory: The collaborative research of Barbara O. Rothbaum, PhD, an Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Director of Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program at the Emory's School of Medicine, led to the development of Virtually Better. Rothbaum partnered with Larry F Hodges, PhD, who at the time worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology, to co-found Virtually Better in 1996. This partnership provided the basis for Virtually Better's focus on research and development in the field of virtual reality treatment.

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