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AKESOgen, Inc.

Address: 400 Pinnacle Way, Suite 425, Norcross, GA 30071
Akesogen Website

CEO: Robert P. Boisjoli

Current Status: AKESOgen is a biomarker, genomics, and pharmacogenomics contract research organization that services the academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural sectors.

Company Profile: Started by Mark Bouzyk, PhD, AKESOgen performs biomarker profiling and genomics services utilizing different types of markers (e.g., DNA, RNA, methylation) for the R&D market. AKESOgen establishes and validates biomarkers in the clinical trials arena as well as provides expertise in biobanking. Since starting in 2011, it has already licensed its first biomarker technology. This Georgia-based company will bring notoriety to the area for biomarkers and many other biochemical needs.

Affiliation with Emory: Mark Bouzyk, PhD was co-Director of the Emory Biomarker Service Center (EBSC) and Director, Basic Research Shared Core Resources, Emory Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University. Bouzyk is a founder and Chief Scientific Officer at AKESOgen. As a CRO, it will provide and license technologies to and from Emory University.

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Centripital, Inc.

Address: 812 Sherwood Rd. Atlanta, GA 30322

Founder: Jason Stein

Current Status: Centripital, Inc. is currently providing services to hospitals.

Company Profile: Centripital, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to train hospital professionals so that they can work together in high-functioning and patient-centered teams. Centripital, Inc. has translated a decade of local, national and international experience in integrating science into a transferable approach for standardizing inter-professional hospital teamwork and effective unit-design. Centripital's care model has been associated with improvements in hospital mortality, length of stay, and patient satisfaction. Hospitals, health systems, and professional societies in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia have adopted this model. Centripital licenses out its implementation know-how to healthcare systems and partners with third parties committed to providing teamwork training and support to hospitals, physicians, nurses, and trainees.

Affiliation with Emory: Emory physician Jason Stein, MD. founded Centripital, Inc. Dr. Stein is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine.

Clearside Biomedical, Inc.

Address: 1220 Old Alpharetta Road, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Clearside Biomedical Website

President & CEO: Daniel White

Current Status: Clearside Biomedical is currently in Phase III clinical development and is a publicly traded company.

Company Profile: Clearside Biomedical, Inc. is a clinical stage ophthalmic therapeutics company improving drug performance through tissue targeted microinjection into distinct compartments of the eye to treat sight threatening disease. The company’s lead product is CLS1001, triamcinolone acetonide in a suprachoroidal microinjection device. Clearside Biomedical’s startup activities and product development have been funded by the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) through its VentureLab seed grant program and the GRA Venture Fund. In January 2012, the company closed its Series A round of financing with the Hatteras Discovery Fund for $4 million and in January 2013, Santen, Inc. joined with other investors to fund an additional $7.9 million for continued development of CLS1001 into pivotal testing and to further Clearside Biomedical’s pipeline in ocular choroidal neovascularization and inflammatory diseases of the posterior segment.

Affiliation with Emory: Technology jointly developed by Emory researcher Henry Edelhauser, PhD around ocular microinjection which was licensed to Clearside Biomedical.

CrystalPlex Corp.

Address: 2403 Sidney St #280, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
CrystalPlex Website

President and CEO: Matt Bootman

Current Status: CyrstalPlex no longer has a license to Emory technologies.

Company Profile: CrystalPlex develops and commercializes semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots, for optoelectronics, security and life sciences. The company's TriLite nanocrystals are manufactured using alloy gradient technology, and are brighter and more stable than standard nanocrystals. They are used as down-converting phosphors and direct emitters in display and lighting. For security applications, TriLite nanocrystals are used as fluorescent taggants where a distinct photonic signature or marking is necessary.

In the Life Sciences the company provides innovative fluorescent markers for use in basic research, pharmaceutical research, diagnostics and histology. CrystalPlex life science products provide test results in labs from smaller samples with less time, labor and cost compared to traditional methods.

Affiliation to Emory: Lianhua Qu, PhD, the Chief Scientific Officer of CrystalPlex, was a postdoctoral fellow in nanoparticle physics and chemistry at Emory University. During his time at Emory his studies in nanoparticle physics led to the discovery of some of the technology used in CrystalPlex's products. He is a world leader in the development of fluorescent nano-particle technologies. He has 15 peer-reviewed publications, two of which reported the highest-quality semiconductor nanocrystals to date.

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Easy Mask, Inc.

Address: 10635 Garda Dr, Trinity, FL 34655
Easy Mask Website

CEO: Todd Doering

Current Status: Easy Mask is performing market research and customer discovery.

Company Profile: Fogging lenses pose a major problem for nearly everyone wearing safety eyewear because it obscures an individual’s view of the task at hand and of nearby hazards. Easy Mask’s technology is an easily implemented modification which eliminates fog formation on glasses, safety glasses and face shields. It is a simple but highly effective design that can be integrated into existing mask designs and can be produced at a low cost to help combat the non-compliant use of safety eyewear.

Affiliation to Emory: Easy Mask, Inc. was founded to license intellectual property jointly developed by Emory faculty Jill Morgan, RN (Emory University Hospital) and Georgia Tech faculty.

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GT Plus

Current Status: GT Plus no longer in business.

Company Profile: GT Plus focused on antimicrobial coatings to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus on various surfaces.

Affiliation with Emory: GT Plus was founded on technology developed by Emory's chemistry professor Lanny Liebeskind, PhD.

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Incintas Therapeutics, Inc.

Address: 12 Moccasin Drive, Atglen, PA 19310

President & CEO: Jesse Pizolato

Current Status: Incintas Therapeutics has an embryo transfer system in pre-clinical development.

Company Profile: Incintas Therapeutics was formed to meet a large need in fertility treatments. The success rates for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and SET (Single Embryo Transfer) are around 35% and 25 %, respectively. The major factor for low fertility success rates with IVF is failed embryonic implantation, the inability of an embryo to attach to the uterine wall. The inventor developed a targeted, intrauterine means of hormonally preparing the uterus for implantation in IVF cycles by enhancing and completing fluid transport of the embryo to the uterine surface. The technology also has a possibility of providing a therapeutic for uterine pathologies such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, and ectopic pregnancy.

Affiliation with Emory: Emory alumnus Jesse Pizolato is the scientific founder of Incintas Therapeutics.

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LAAMScience, Inc.

Current Status: The company is no longer in business.

Company Profile: LAAMScience is a nanotechnology company that has developed medical and consumer products incorporating a proprietary anti-microbial coating. LAAMScience's SERQET™ Wipes were made available to German retailers in fall 2011, opening the door to other markets. SERQET™ is currently used in respirator masks, surgical masks, cleaning wipes, and dishwashing towels.

LAAMScience's nanocoating technology kills bacteria and viruses when it is exposed to visible light. In, surgical and respirator masks, this helps combat the spread of airborne health threats such as SARS, and other viruses. This coating can be applied to almost any fabric, and the company continues to explore new potential products. Recently, LAAMScience won a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant to bring SERQET™ to reusable feminine hygiene products in countries where most women cannot afford single-use disposable.

Affiliation with Emory: Gordon Churchward, PhD, an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Emory, collaborate with a professor at North Carolina State University to develop LAAMScience's technology. Textiles with light activated antimicrobial activity are one of Churchwood’s technologies.

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Metaclipse Therapeutics Corp.

Address: 3175 Presidential Drive, Atlanta GA 30340
Metaclipse Therapeutics Website

CEO: Michael Coleman

Current Status: Metaclipse Therapeutics is currently in the pre-clinical stage.

Company Profile: Metaclipse Therapeutics Corporation is an early-stage biotechnology company developing novel cancer therapies that are tailored to each patient and their specific tumor. The company's first 'personalized' cancer therapy is for treating metastatic breast cancer, a highly differentiated disease of mainly women, having considerable unmet medical need and with 1.6 million new cases worldwide in 2010. The Company's products are designed to activate the body's immune system to mount a broad and robust attack against metastatic cancer cells. These products are well-defined pharmaceutical 'biological' products and consist of micron-size 'vesicles' manufactured from tumor cell membranes taken from the patient that the company augments using a proprietary 'protein transfer' method with clinically proven immunostimulatory proteins. After dermal administration, these modified vesicles present to the immune system both these immunostimulatory proteins and an array of patient-specific tumor-membrane antigens. This creates a tumor-specific cellular and humoral immunity that Metaclipse anticipates can destroy and/or suppress the growth of metastatic cancer cells originating from the patient's primary tumor. The company's startup activities have been partially funded by the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) VentrueLab grant program.

Affiliation with Emory: Emory scientist Periasamy Selvaraj, PhD and his colleagues have pioneered a novel membrane-based tumor-specific immunotherapy.

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NatGlycan, LLC

Address: 2342 Oakshire Ct, Decatur, GA 30033

President & CEO: David Smith

Current Status: NatGlycan has a glycan production technique in early optimization phase.

Company Profile: A major obstacle to progress in glycomics is an overall lack of defined glycans for use in functional studies. Synthetic approaches are extremely valuable in generating unique and even complex glycan structures. Readily available biological materials, which can be rich sources of unique glycans, represent an alternative source of natural glycans. NatGlycan has developed a proprietary strategy for the processing of large quantities of natural biological sources including mammalian tissue and organs into glycans. The company's product development has been funded by a federal small business grant and the Georgia Research Alliance.

Affiliation with Emory: David Smith, PhD (Biochemistry) and Xuezheng Song, PhD (Biochemistry) are scientific co-founders of NatGlycan.

NBS Technology, LLC

Former President: Tom Higgins

Current Status: NBS Technology ceased operations in 2008.

Company Profile: NBS Technology focused on antimicrobial coatings to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus on various surfaces.

Affiliation with Emory: GT Plus was founded on technology developed by Emory's chemistry professor Lanny Liebeskind, PhD.

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Primatope Therapeutics, Inc.

Address: 508 Dudley Rd, Suite 400, Newton, MA 02459

President & CEO: Mark A. Tepper

Current Status: Primatope is currently in pre-clinical development.

Company Profile: Primatope Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage company developing therapeutic antibodies that can be used to control inflammation and transplant rejection. A new monoclonal antibody against the B cell antigen CD40 that, upon binding, is capable of blocking the signaling interaction of CD40 with its ligand, CD154, on T cells. By blocking B cell activation and inducing immunosuppression, this antibody may reduce the likelihood of, or increase the duration prior to, transplant rejection or be used to treat autoimmune disorder.

Affiliation with Emory: Emory surgeon Christian Larsen, MD, PhD, is one of three researchers who developed the key technology that the company was founded on.

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