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Patrick Reynolds and Michael Tanenbaum, Start-up Team

Faculty and Start-up Services

Faculty and Start-up Services is a program established by the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) to provide assistance in guiding discoveries to market through new venture creation and development. It integrates the Georgia Research Alliance Venture program with OTT operations in an attempt to complement existing services provided to faculty and to augment start-up development.

You can find additional information on the start-ups section of our blog site.

Emory Resources

Goizueta IMPACT: our proven approach to delivering value through client projects that make an impact on the organization and an impact on our students. We create custom student teams with faculty oversight to develop innovative solutions that will change your business. Details can be found on the Goizueta website.

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Incubators, Accelerators & Office Space

Regional Locations

Prototype Developers & Testing:

Conferences & Meetings

  • Atlanta Startup Village: Monthly meeting that includes a presentation; open to all start-ups, not just technology.
  • Atlanta Startup Week: a weeklong celebration of everything startup and entrepreneurial.
  • Place for technology enthusiasts to connect with funding, employees and other inventors in a casual social environment.
  • Venture Atlanta: Connects investors and inventors.

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