We support the University's mission through comprehensive management of Emory research and innovations to maximize the benefit to the University and to humanity.


To be a national leader in technology transfer and academic and industry partnerships.


  • Collaborate with researchers and industry to build and nurture partnerships that will move ideas from the lab to the marketplace
  • Negotiate with industry partners on non-clinical agreements while securing fair and equitable terms
  • Work with researchers to acquire the knowledge, expertise, and resources to navigate the complexities of protecting intellectual property and securing commercial licensing opportunitie
  • Develop commercialization strategies that benefit both Emory and our industry partners while maximizing benefit to the public
  • Manage commercial license agreements to ensure that licensees honor their terms and obligations

Our Process

The technology transfer process is one of innovation and collaboration. It’s the act of moving exciting technologies out of the lab and into the hands of those who need them.

Ready to learn more about technology transfer, how it works, and the challenges our industry faces? Watch the video below from AUTM, our professional association, for an overview, and check out this roadmap of the technology transfer process to get started. And to get information about advocacy and public policy affecting technology transfer, check out AUTM’s advocacy page.