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Emory is one of the nation's leading research universities, with more than billion dollars in sponsored research annually. We maintain collaborative partnerships with a host of neighboring organizations such as the CDC, Atlanta VA Hospital, Children's Healthcare, and GA Tech to mention a few. There is cutting edge science and breakthrough innovation in healthcare and beyond from Emory's talented faculty, physicians, and staff. Here are some highlights of that great work.

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Office of Technology Transfer Highlighted

The table below is a listing of articles featuring our office in one of the premier publications for our profession Technology Transfer Tactics.


March 2024

Federal Demonstration Partnership looks to take the hassle out of DUAs

Raj Guddneppanavar

June 2022

Emory TTO’s innovation awards: A centerpiece of campus culture-building

Todd Sherer, Linda Kesselring

January 2022

TTOs share new resolutions and revisit old ones for 2022

Todd Sherer

August 2021

Student consulting club supports Emory’s biotech start-up efforts

Kevin Lei, Erika Csatary

January 2021

Emory uses simple method to reach potential investors and licensees

Linda Kesselring

August 2020

Study: faculty not motivated by financial incentives, so conduct outreach accordingly

Patrick Reynolds

April 2020

Managing TTO Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Planning for Future Disruptions (Article)

Managing TTO Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Planning for Future Disruptions (Video)

Linda Kesselring

January 2020

TTO New Year’s resolutions: Here’s what your colleagues are focusing on in 2020

Todd Sherer

September 2019

Policy alone can’t resolve complications that arise in royalty distribution

Cliff Michaels

April 2019

As mission expands, Emory TTO streamlines processes and enhances productivity

Cliff Michaels

February 2019

TTO Directors share their offices’ goals for 2019

Cliff Michaels

January 2019

Incentive Pay

Cliff Michaels

October 2018

Fine tune your technology briefs to avoid missed opportunities

Quentin Thomas, Linda Kesselring

October 2017

Emory reorganization merges industry-sponsored research with tech transfer office

Todd Sherer

June 2017Emory uses data on workload and efficiency to help manage staffing decisionsTodd Sherer
June 2017

TTOs struggle to adjust patenting, licensing strategies under the America Invents Act

Laura Fritts

March 2017

Four TTOs join forces for first-ever online technology showcase

Quentin Thomas

February 2017

Emory’s proof-of-concept funding program: A little can mean a lot

Cliff Michaels

September 2015

As IPO market booms, should universities be managing their equity stakes?

Cale Lennon

April 2015

Emory OTT celebrates staff achievement with unique teambuilding activities

Lisa Matragrano, Linda Kesselring

March 2015

AUTM 2015: Experts share strategies tools and metrics for assessing TTO marketing

Lisa Matragrano

February 2015

Start-up snapshot highlights Emory OTT's success

Todd Sherer, Linda Kesselring

January 2015

TTO Leaders have diverse opinions on ‘right’ case load for licensing staff

Todd Sherer

October 2014

Life sciences IP suffers from pinball effect in licensing as new indications emerge

Todd Sherer

August 2014

TTOs slash patent costs, boost efficiency with internal patent attorney groups

Todd Sherer, Susanne Hollinger

July 2014

Supreme Court shifts the patent landscape software, other business methods

Randi Isaacs, Phil Semprevio

July 2014

TTOs add online video to their marketing mix

Cliff Michaels, Linda Kesselring

February 2014

Master Reagent Agreement boosts efficiency for both TTO and licensees

Cale Lennon

Mayberg, Helen2015

Elected Fellows

FellowYear Elected
Ahmed, Rafi2018
Davies, Huw2014
Dingledine, Raymond2022
Lam, Wilbur2023
Langberg, Jonathan2017
Lewin, Jonathan2019
Liebeskind, Lanny2020
Liotta, Dennis2013
Lollar III, John (Pete)2015
Margulies, Susan2023
Painter, George2022
Quave, Cassandra2023
Rothbaum, Barbara2017
Schinazi, Raymond2012
Stephens, David2020
Wagner, James2012

  • 12/14: Emory News: National Academy of Inventors Names Emory's Langberg and Rothbaum as Fellows

  • 10/29: Emory Start-up: Neurotrack Wins Medical Innovation Challenge for Alzheimer's

  • 10/18: Emory Start-up: Incysus Receives FDA Approval for Phase 1 Trial

  • 9/1: Emory Start-up: Cambium Receives $5M Series A Investment

  • 9/1: Emory Start-up: Cambium Receives FDA Approval for Phase I/II Trial

  • 8/16: Emory Start-up: CorAmi Works with T3 Labs to Revolutionize Drug Delivery for Atrial Fibrillation

  • 8/16: Emory Start-up: AKESOgen Makes Inc. Magazine List of Fasting Growing Companies for Third Time

  • 8/7: Emory Start-up: Meissa Vaccines Announces seed Round Investment from FundRx

  • 7/24: Emory Start-up: NeurOp $3.5M Receives NIH Award to Support Phase 1 Clinical Trial of NMDA Inhibitor

  • 7/19: Emory Start-up: GeoVax Awarded NIH Grant for Zika Vaccine

  • 7/7: Emory Start-up: QUE Oncology Lands $16M in Series A Financing

  • 7/3: Guest Blog: Facilities & Administrative Costs from VP David Wynes

  • 6/28: Todd Sherer, Exec Director Interviewed for Road to BIO

  • 6/15: How a Cancer Drug Gets to Market

  • 5/30: OTT's Laura Fritts Makes IP Starts List

  • 2/10: Common weed could help fight deadly superbug, study finds

  • 1/23: Emory Start-up: GeoVax Announces Initiation of HIV Human Clinical Trial

  • 1/2: Emory Start-up: Neurotrack Recipient of J&J and Janssen Award for $500,000

  • 12/13: Emory Start-up: Neurotrack announces release of brain health app

  • 11/14: Emory Start-up: Neurotrack receives $500,000 grant from J&J and Janseen

  • 10/3: Emory's 'Rolosense' rolling to finals of Collegiate Inventors Competition

  • 10/3: Vaccine vs many common cold viruses achievable

  • 8/17: Emory Start-up: AKESOgen on Annual List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for 2nd Consecutive Year

  • 8/2: Emory Start-up: GeoVax receives NIH contract to manufacture HIV vaccines for clinical trials

  • 7/19: Emory Start-up: Metaclipse Therapeutics receive NIH grant to develop breast cancer vaccine

  • 6/17: Emory Licensee: Blue Earth Diagnostics Receives FDA Approval for Fluciclovine

  • 6/3: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical Goes Public

  • 6/3: Emory Licensee: Blue Earth Diagnostics Receives FDA Priority Review for Fluciclovine

  • 1/27: Emory Success: Georgia Bio Awards Recognize Emory Tech Transfer Leaders

  • 1/8: Emory Success: What Happens When Scientists Fall Sick With the Disease They Study? Featuring Emory's Dr. Ernie Garcia

  • 12/10: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical Completes $20 Million in Financing

  • 12/9: Emory Licensee: Blue Earth Diagnostics Receives FDA Priority Review for Fluciclovine

  • 12/3: Emory Start-up: Varian Medical Systems to Expand Operations in Atlanta

  • 10/22: Emory Start-up: AKESOgen makes Inc. Magazines List of Fastest Growing Private Companies

  • 10/16: Emory Product: Obizur for Acquired Hemophilia Receives Canadian Approval

  • 7/16: Emory Product: Obizur for Acquired Hemophilia Receives EU Approval

  • 6/29: Emory Success: Emory University and Eurofins Scientific Sign Joint Venture

  • 5/18: Emory Inventor: King of the Pills, Raymond Schinazi

  • 5/8: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical Announces Exciting New Collaboration in Gluacoma

  • 5/1: Emory Start-up: Pamlico Biopharma Raises $2.2M

  • 3/30: Emory Start-up: NeurOp Announces Strategic Collaboration with J&J

  • 3/30: Education: Avoiding the Darkness: Patent Eligibility of Biologicals and Biomarkers

  • 2/25: Emory Start-up: GeoVax Receives Equity Financing of Up to $6 Million

  • 1/22: Emory Start-ups: Clearside, AKESOgen & Velocity Receive Awards from Georgia Bio

  • 12/1: Emory Start-up: RFS Pharma merges with Cocrystal Pharma

  • 11/22: Emory's Raymond Schinazi, PhD receives American Liver Foundation's Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award

  • 10/25: Technology Transfer: What We do and Why it Matters, 2 Minute Video

  • 10/17: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical, Inc. Announces Ongoing Results in Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial in Patients with Non-infectious Uveitis

  • 9/25: FD Venture Farm Signs Emory University Office of Technology Transfer

  • 9/17: PhRMA Organization Honors Raymond Schinazi with Excellence in Academic Research Award

  • 9/12: Technology: One-Minute Point-of-Care Anemia Test Shows Promise in New Study

  • 9/09: Emory Start-ups Prove Successful in Impact, Getting Inventions to Market

  • 9/02: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical Completes $20M Series B

  • 9/02: OTT Welcomes Laura Fritts New Director of License and Patent Strategy

  • 7/30: Technology Transfer Contributes Multiple Benefits to Universities, Study Co-authored by Emory OTT's Sherer

  • 7/24: Emory Featured in Tech Transfer Tactics: Supreme Court Shifts the Patent Landscape for Software, Other Business Methods

  • 7/12: Emory Technology: Agilent Technologies Introduces New Exome Optimized for Clinical Research Sequencing

  • 10/21: Emory Start-up: Clearside Biomedical raises $6M, preps for Phase III trial

  • 5/17: Emory Start-up: Cambium Medical Technologies signs collaboration agreement with Gwowei Technology Company

  • 3/12: Emory Startup: Velocity Medical Solutions is Excited to Announce an Acquisition with Varian Medical Systems

  • 3/7: The 8th Annual Celebration of Technology & Innovation a Success, Read Our Blog for a Recap

  • 3/5: Emory Startup AKESOgen and VA Million Veteran Program Collaborate to Genotype 105,000 Veterans


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