Marketing Program

Technology transfer is a relationship business and our marketing program is another spoke in that wheel to move technology from the bench to the bedside. OTT has initiated a multipronged approach to increase our reach within the biotech and life sciences communities. This starts with a dedicated marketing associate and a plan. We use both traditional, modern, and everything in between to market Emory technologies.


  • Tech Briefs (non-confidential summaries)
  • Catalogs & bundles
  • Email marketing
  • Technology exchanges


  • Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Featured Innovations
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • techFeed (notification system for new technologies)

Direct Point of Contact

  • Faculty meetings
  • Company / VC visits
  • Partnering meetings
  • Committee memberships


  • Trade shows / meetings
  • Annual celebration
  • Seminars / panels
  • Public speaking
  • Sponsorships