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Alvitae Corp.

Former President and CEO: Augstine Lin

Current Status:This company is no longer in business.

Company Profile: ALVitae is a biotechnology company that started in 2005. The company developed diagnostics and therapeutics for detection, prevention and treatment of diseases such as cancer. The company had been developing low-cost, easy-to-operate products for molecular detection of TB with much improved sensitivity and specificity based on its proprietary patented technologies. The products are able to detect as little as one copy of TB in the testing specimen.

Affiliation with Emory: The emerging company is based upon the molecular beacon technology invented by Lilly Yang, MD, PhD, Cynthia Cohen, MD, and Charles Staley, MD of Emory University.

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Cardiorisk, LLC

Address: 6777 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121

President & CEO: Sergey Sikora

Current Status:CardioRisk has diagnostic tests in pre-clinical development.

Company Profile: CardioRisk was formed as a Delaware limited liability company to acquire diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers from biotech companies and academic institutions and commercialize them. The company’s core business is to develop diagnostic methods using physiological markers to estimate cardiovascular risk. The current technology portfolio of the company includes multiple biomarker blood tests in assessing risk levels in CAD (coronary artery disease) or suspected CAD patients. The company’s initial seed capital was contributed by the founding partners.

Affiliation with Emory: Arshed Quyyumi, M.D. (Cardiology) is a scientific co-founder of CardioRisk.

Cardiovascular Specialty Labratories (CPD)

Former President: Anh Le

Current Status: This company is no longer in business.

Company Profile: Cardiovascular Specialty Laboratories is established to provide advanced lipid testing to researchers as well as physicians who are interested in the latest in evidence-based tests for the management of cardiovascular disease.

Affiliation with Emory: The company was established in 2003 based upon Emory's intellectual property related to biomarkers for oxidative stress developed by Joseph Kinkade, PhD, Raymond Shapira, Peter Jensen, Ngoc-Anh Le, PhD, Jan Pohl, PhD and Virgil Brown, PhD.

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Emtherapro, INC.

Address: 1374 Pasadena Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
EmTheraPro Website

CEO: Kiran Pandey

Current Status: Product Development

Company Profile: Next generation precision medicine enablement solution for neurodegenerative diseases.

Affiliation to Emory: The underlying technology was developed at Emory by Nicholas Seyfried (SOM: Biochem), Duc Duong (SOM: Core Labs), Allan Levey, Maotian Zhou, James Lah, Erik Johnson, and Lenora Higginbotham (SOM: Neurology).

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Genomalytics LTD.

Former President & CEO: Mark Germain

Current Status: This company is no longer in business.

Company Profile: Genomalytics was formed to provide genomic information and analysis on a scale and with a level of precision previously unattainable. Genomalytics Ltd. Sequencing Tools and Analytics (GLSTA) permits the rapid, full length sequencing of millions of individual messenger RNA and other RNA molecules that dictate the biological properties of a cell or tissue. GLSTA employs a technique termed “virtual cloning” that eliminates the need to physically clone complementary DNA (cDNA) and dramatically enhances the output and accuracy of results. The depth of the sequence data generated invites the development and application of specially curated databases and computational tools of unprecedented power suited to a variety of uses. This technology overcomes current obstacles resulting from complex post-transcriptional RNA processing and has broad applications in basic biomedical research, clinical diagnosis and personalized medicine.

Affiliation with Emory: William Agnew, Ph.D. of Emory (Physiology) is a scientific co-founder of Genomalytics.

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Microbial Medical, Inc.

Address: 3070 Windward Plaza Suite 279F Alpharetta, GA 30005

President & CEO: Michael Wach

Current Status: Microbial Medical has diagnostic tests in pre-clinical development.

Company Profile: Microbial Medical develops imaging agents for the non-invasive detection of bacteria in humans. The diagnosis of infections of medical devices is a critical problem in clinical medicine. It is estimated that the financial impact of these infections exceeds five billion dollars annually. Although numerous imaging strategies have been developed for diagnosing infections, none of them can detect early stage infections with accuracy or distinguish between infection and inflammation. The inventors developed a technology that employs sugars termed maltodextrins that specifically target the maltodextrin transporter which is uniquely present in all bacteria. The company’s product pipeline includes novel imaging agents and drugs for diagnosing (using common medical scanners) and treating bacterial and fungal infections.

Affiliation with Emory: W. Robert Taylor, M.D., Ph.D. (Cardiology) and Mark Goodman, Ph.D. (Radiology and Imaging Sciences) are scientific co-founders of Microbial Medical.

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Nanomarq Diagnostics, Inc.

President: Paul Ardi

Current Status: NanoMarq no longer has a license to Emory technologies.

Company Profile: The company is a spinout company of Cell Marque, a company based in Rocklin, Ca.

Affiliation with Emory: Cell Marque created Nanomarq to commercialize an immunohistochemical diagnostic technology from Emory.

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Raybiotech, Inc.

Address: 3607 Parkway Lane, Suite 200, Norcorss, GA 30092
Raybiotech Website

Founder and President: Ruo-Pan (Ray) Huang

Current Status: RayBiotech no longer has obligations to Emory.

Company Profile: RayBiotech develops technologies for the post-genomic age. It provides proteomics tools for the advancement of basic and clinical research, the development of better patient diagnostics and the facilitation of drug discovery.

Following the completion of the human genome sequence, researchers have analyzed the expression of many disease-related genes. However, many diseases result from abnormal protein expression, post-translational modifications or interactions with other biomolecules. Thus, an understanding of disease states cannot be obtained from genomic research alone. RayBiotech has found that high-throughput and efficient protein analysis offers a promising approach for discovering novel drug targets, disease biomarkers and therapeutic agents.

The company has pioneered the development of antibody and protein array technology to efficiently analyze the expression and function of hundreds of proteins involved in inflammation, angiogenesis, cell growth, and signal transduction from a single biological sample. RayBiotech provides a high-throughput technology for the screening of novel biomarkers, identification of new drug targets, as well as for accurate, early detection of diseases. Its technologies have the potential to contribute significantly to the realization of personalized medicine for patients.

The company is a spin-off from Emory's School of Medicine. It is privately owned, with headquarters in metropolitan Atlanta.

Affiliation to Emory: Ruo-Pan (Ray) Huang, MD, PhD, the founder and president of RayBiotech, is an assistant professor at the Emory School of Medicine in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics. He is also a member of the Winship Cancer Institute.

ResonanceDX, Inc.

Address: 45 E. Trinity Pl. #1529, Decatur, GA 30030
ResonanceDX Website

President and CEO: John E. Ashley

Current Status: ResonanceDx has a diagnostic platform in preclinical development.

Company Profile: A major problem in clinical primary care is the overuse of antibiotics. There is no single point-of-care (POC) test that can diagnose a wide range of bacterial and viral infections. Such a tool would be highly useful for clinicians and could reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics and emergence of antibiotic resistance. ResonanceDx, Inc. is a Georgia based point of care diagnostics company developing a unique resonance frequency based diagnostic platform for rapid identification of a wide range of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Quick (15 mins) diagnostic information aids physicians in prescribing appropriate medications and could reduce the over-prescription of antibiotics. While the initial focus is infectious disease, the company’s platform technology can be used to detect biomarkers for any disease indication. ResonanceDx’s product development has been funded by the Georgia Research Alliance.

Affiliation to Emory: Carlos Moreno, PhD (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), Paul Doetsch, PhD (Biochemistry), Georgia Chen, PhD (Hematology & Medical Oncology), and Dong Shin, MD (Hematology & Medical Oncology) are scientific co-founders of ResonanceDx.

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Sanguina, LLC

Address: 147 Technology Parkway, Ste 100, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
Sanguina Website

CEO: Erika Tyburski

Current Status: Seed round closed in 2020 for $2.2M.The first generation of blood-based AnemoCheck test received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2017.

Company Profile: Sanguina was founded as a spin out of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University for the development of AnemoCheck, a multi-product, anemia management platform consisting of an app and anin vitrodiagnostic device for clinical and over the counter hemoglobin determination. The AnemoCheck app, AnemoCheck Mobile is a non-invasive app that estimates hemoglobin with an image capture of fingernail beds. AnemoCheck is a color-based screening test for anemia. Each test requires less than half a drop of blood from a finger stick. The company has been funded by The Seed Lab (NY), XRC Labs (NY), federal small business grants, the Georgia Research Alliance, and the Coulter Translational Partnership.

Affiliation to Emory: Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD (Pediatrics) is the scientific founder of Sanguina.

Syntermed, Inc.

Address: 130 West Wieuca Road, Suite 108, Atlanta, GA 30342
Syntermed Website

Chairman and CEO: Michael Lee

Current Status: Syntermed has several products, including nuclear cardiology and brain PET reading software, currently in use in labs throughout the country.

Company Profile: Syntermed is an Atlanta-based nuclear medicine imaging and informatics software company. The company's lead product is a software package called Emory Cardiac ToolboxTM (ECTbTM). Today, the Emory Cardiac Toolbox is in nearly half of all nuclear medicine labs nationwide.

The Emory Cardiac Toolbox provides physicians with the ability to process, display, interpret and analyze cardiac positron emission tomography (PET) and single-photon computed tomography (SPECT) images. By displaying three-dimensional images of the patient's heart, the Toolbox allows physicians to see whether or not blood is flowing to all areas of the myocardium and can determine the heart's efficiency. The company is developing new automated analysis tools to allow efficient identification of cardiac risks.

Affiliation to Emory: In 1999, the Emory University Office of Technology Transfer co-founded Syntermed in an effort to streamline the commercialization of the University-developed software products. Syntermed now does direct licensing of this technology to third parties. The company's software products were developed by Emory University scientist Ernest Garcia, PhD and his colleagues, partially in collaboration with scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Garcia is currently Professor of Radiology and the Director of Emory's Nuclear Cardiology R&D Lab.

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