Forms for Emory Technology Transfer

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idea gate

Technology Transfer Disclosure Form

Skip the paper forms and submit a disclosure using the on-line disclosure form found on Emory IdeaGate. The system will collect all of the pertinent information and signatures. The system requires a valid Emory netid. Come back to the system later and see some basic information related to that disclosure.

ItemFile TypePosted Date
IdeaGate: On-line DisclosureEmory IdeaGate3/4/2019
Standard Disclosure FormRTF6/5/2014

Material Transfer Agreements

ItemFile TypePosted Date
MTA InstructionsPDF05/28/02
Incoming MTA QuestionnairePDF09/25/07
Outgoing MTA UBMTA AgreementPDF06/19/2017
Correspondence can be sent to  

Data Use Agreements

ItemFile TypePosted Date
Data Use InstructionsPDF6/24/2014
Incoming Data Use QuestionnairePDF6/24/2014
Outgoing Data Use QuestionnairePDF6/24/2014
Correspondence can be sent to

Petition for Release or Assignment

ItemFile TypePosted Date
Petition for Release or AssignmentPDF06/19/2017

Forms Related to Sponsored Research