DETECT & Concussions

A Rapid, Portable Technology to Screen for Concussions and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussions from traumatic brain injury are a growing concern for organized sports and the military. Current diagnostic methods rely on subjective assessments at the time of injury that are inaccurate and laborious neuropsychological tests days after the injury that are too long after the event to provide real time decisions and medical treatments. These delays can increase the risk for further injury. David Wright and other researchers at Emory University have developed an immersive, computerized platform to diagnose mild traumatic brain injury (or concussions). The system can complete an assessment in minutes not hours and does not require the patient to be standing during the exam. The DETECT system allows for testing at the time of injury in diverse environments where the examiner does not have full control, such as on the sidelines of sporting events or at war zones.

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